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My Confidence Is High

You guys have done a great job over the past week of helping get this migration completed on 2 fronts. I cannot express enough how comforting it has been to know that having problems and having help solving them from the support staff at RackForce helping to fix, adjust and remedy all situations has been. What is even more comforting is known that RF did all of this without a moment of thought for charging for services. The above process has validated my move to migrate from my other provider to you folks and assures me that my 2007 plans of adding additional servers with RF will be the right choice. My confidence is high and you are more than welcome to use my comments to attribute your work for others.

Glen Grant

I Wish I Would Have Switched To RackForce A Year Ago

After using a 'Budget' VPS and suffering through unexpected outages, severe remote connection lag, and bad customer service I wish I would have switched to RackForce a year ago. The difference is not only in reliability, connection speed, and processing times, but the professional attitude that will keep me as a happy customer for many years to come.

David Hardin

Extremely Pleased With the Services and Support

As a full solution online agency we create visually stunning websites for clients and provide hosting services for these sites. A majority of these sites are for publicly traded companies where a site being offline is a critical matter. After being let down by several hosting companies and other managed data center solutions we found RackForce. RackForce has provided us with multiple, reliable servers in a stable, secure data center. Being able to use the Tivoli storage manager for automated backups on a Windows server and the use of the storage area network for automated Linux backups has proved to be a great, reliable backup solution. Pre-installed Plesk and cPanel control panels allow for quick deployment and advanced site management features. Support issues are answered in a very timely manner with excellent expertise behind the answers. We are extremely pleased with the services and support offered by RackForce and will continue expanding our hosting environment within the RackForce infrastructure.

Greg Stevens
Media Dog Productions

Smoothest Setup Ever

Smoothest set-up ever, everything was perfect, even the one thing I thought was a minor issue was not, I switched browsers and everything worked perfectly. Doug provided me with excellent information and customer service, my account and VPS were set up super-quickly and I could not be happier. This is what a hosting company should be.

Robyne Wilkerson

No Muss No Fuss

RackForce has proven to be a no muss, no fuss hosting provider. It works well, support is prompt and effective, and I can focus on the site itself. I highly recommend them.

Heinz Hemken

Fast & There When You Need It!

I have been using Rack Force for a very long time. I did try putting my websites with other providers to save some money but in the end none of them could compare with the reliability you get here. I work with political campaigns and it is crucial that everything is online 24/7 or else there are lots of angry people. The RackForce network is always fast & there when you need it! If you are looking for a truly reliable no fuss host choose this company.

Austin McLaughlin
Brightest Designs

Very Thorough

Paul helped me with a mailserver issue earlier this morning. He did a very thorough, professional job and answered all of my questions to my complete satisfaction, doing so very quickly and without delay. He is a credit to your organisation!

Dana Smith

I Am So Pleased With My VPS

You guys should be called Rack ROCKS!!!!!!!, not RACK FORCE, I am so pleased with my VPS! I had tried 4 different companies and all were nightmares. Your servers are so stable, the monitoring system is great, the control interfaces are great, the support? What can I say? It is so refreshing because the people on the line (which do not take long to connect to) are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The best thing is that the cost is a small fraction of what I was paying before, and I receive many more add-ons and domains. Thanks!

Dennis Oppelt
Retreats Costa Rica

Help And Support Was Invaluable

I would like to thank all the support technicians who helped myself and my clients out so much in the past few days and in general throughout our service term with Rackforce. Their help and support was invaluable, and greatly rested the nerves of my clients. I will most definitely keep referring people to Rackforce for their server needs. Thank you!

Mark Diamond

Very Impressed

I am very impressed with how quickly your team takes care of any problems. It is refreshing.

David R.