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Our Customers Demand the Most Environmentally Friendly Business Partners

Meeting our Eco Friendly requirements. We were ecstatic to find Rackforce, the only company meeting all our requirements: Eco Friendly powered hosting, reliable and good support. Without Rackforce, we would not be able to offer the same level of uptime and low-latency services to our customers. Also our customers demand the most environmentally friendly business partners, and thanks to Rackforce it is a promise we have been able to deliver on. Thank you!

Ken Smith
Salon Monster

Professional And Courteous

A professional and courteous company with a great support matrix.

Sherwood Ensey
Belenus Alternative Media Network

Tech Support is AWESOME!

Your Tech Support is AWESOME! I just wanted to let you guys know how great my experience with Rackforce tech support has been. You guys have helped me through the a series of issues on the server and worked around the clock to get the server up and working again. Keep up the great work

Barbara Carroll

Why Leave Something As Good As This?

I would like to give a testament to your great service. I have never worked with any other hosting company and I will not if RackForce is around. Why leave something as good as this. You did a great job assisting our people on this project and all of our growing pains this last 3 years. All the best to the technical support team.

James Ray


Customer support for our virtual Linux server is superb. Thanks (update) We purchased the service to provide a proxy service whilst we upgraded the bandwidth to our UK site. The bandwidth upgrade is complete in the UK, and we are serving the same content from our UK data center. We are very happy with RackForce service, and extremely satisfied with Customer Support we have received. We are would be happy to be a reference customer. We will return should we need a similar service in North America in the future.

Simon Waters

Support Has Been Superb

I have been with RackForce now for a couple of years and their support has been superb. Support tickets are responded to within a matter of minutes by techies who really know their stuff. I also like the way you can scale up and down your hosting package in line with your requirement with no downtime or inconvenience.

Greg Sutton

Rock-Solid Stability and Consistent Performance

RackForce has worked in partnership with us to design a solution that gives our payroll and employee management platform the performance and reliability we need to offer to our customers. Since switching to the RackForce Enterprise Cloud platform we have enjoyed rock-solid stability and consistent performance. We have been impressed with how well SQL Server performs on this virtual infrastructure. The Cisco ASA 5520 virtual firewall instance provides excellent security, was simple to configure and is easy to manage remotely. We get first-rate service from knowledgeable technicians who respond to our requests quickly and professionally through a simple-to-use online ticket solution. Overall I could not be happier with the platform and services; to me it is like having an appliance that just works when you turn it on - we do not even think about it.

Frank Conway

Quick Support

When you get to the point where you wonder what support type will be quicker, ticket vs phone, it is because service speed was reinvented by RackForce.

Martin Raymond

Thanks to the Rackforce Technicians

I appreciate the speed and accuracy as well as security measures I have seen. I have not seen such to this degree of professionalism from MANY web hosting and services outfits spanning the entire continent. Your team of engineers approach perfection.

David A. Coulter

Thanks For Being So On Top Of Things guys!

We have been using Rackforce services now for two years and love the prompt response to tickets. Keep up the good work!

Greg Gillingham