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My Confidence Is High

You guys have done a great job over the past week of helping get this migration completed on 2 fronts. I cannot express enough how comforting it has been to know that having problems and having help solving them from the support staff at RackForce helping to fix, adjust and remedy all situations has been. What is even more comforting is known that RF did all of this without a moment of thought for charging for services. The above process has validated my move to migrate from my other provider to you folks and assures me that my 2007 plans of adding additional servers with RF will be the right choice. My confidence is high and you are more than welcome to use my comments to attribute your work for others.

Glen Grant

Incredible Sales Team And Technical Support Team

Since I began writing web sites in April of 2005, the sites I wrote were all published on various shared hosting plans. I learned a great deal, had fun and then experienced limitations. Over time, I discovered that a need for more backend control in my site authoring was necessary and I began researching various dedicated and virtual hosting providers. In so doing, I performed many searches and read many articles on and about several hosting companies. In my research I spoke to a few hosting companies by phone and attempted to reach several others, without success. In contrast to the vast majority of hosting companies I unsuccessfully attempted to reach, the Rackforce Sales Team and Technical Support Team have always been readily available by phone, via Live Chat and/or by their "Fast Attack" technical support program.

Considering the fact that I had never hosted my own site, I had concerns about a number of technical aspects of hosting technology. I was unsure if I could tackle hosting my own sites and be the server administrator without experiencing major technical difficulties. In February of 2007, I signed up for a hosting account with Rackforce and selected the dds400-l. I can attest that Rackforce has helped me tremendously and I am now the sole server administrator for several web sites, with many more to come and my experience with Rackforce has been great. If you have concerns about being able to establish contact with your hosting company, please note that when Rackforce says "24x7x365 'Fast Attack' Support", they mean it, as my inquiries have always been fully addressed, beyond my expectations, and done so professionally, courteously and expediently.

Without further ado this written testimony is being provided in support of Rackforce.

The Color Tool


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing not to complain, but to praise one of your employees. Joel M. has many times gone above and beyond in his support of my account. He has answered the idiotic questions and completed the most difficult tasks. I believe that if it was not for him my company would not be doing as well as it is, and I would not have as many happy customers.

I was hosting through three different companies before finally coming to Rack Force. The customer service here is the best around. That is the reason I am here, and will continue to stay here. People like Joel make my life as a middle man between my customers and my server a lot easier.

Again I would just like to commend Joel for his expertise, knowledge, patience and support.

Craig Fredrychowski

You Are Lucky To Have Such Professional Teammates

I wanted to send you a note to thank the below team members of your Technical Support Staff. Denis S. Chris R Steve K Darek G Mike M Chris M Iam a small-time hosting provider and retired Sr. Technology Architect from IBM. As a former 3rd level support person, I can appreciate the terms "support matrix" and "scope". While these members strictly (kindly and professionally) enforced your support matrix, each of them voluntarily provided "tips" and "answers" in their follow-up posts. These tips saved lots of time for me and your team as well as provided "education" to me since I'm not an expert in Linux. For a few years, I've created tickets regarding a possible spammer take-over of my server space. Daily, I would see messages in the mail queue that were being sent on behalf of webmaster at my domain.com Those tickets/questions were never resolved until the situation got so bad that I was sent an AUP - Spam Ticket Your Teammates informed me as well as told me how they found spammers sending over 4,500 spam related emails every 10 min. My hosted domains were not available during this take-over. Your Teammates, seeing how serious this matter was with my service offering and reputation, diligently investigated and found that my CMS Product Offering had a script that was causing the problem (KTML a browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editor). They gave me tips to better monitor and manage the mail queue and web connections ( over 800 at one time, sending 4,500 emails). My product required a re-write. When put into production it solved the issue. Although there are still many spammers connecting and looking for the file (toolbar.php), they immediately disconnect and the mail queue is fine. You are lucky to have such professional Teammates.

WS Technologies

Why Leave Something As Good As This?

I would like to give a testament to your great service. I have never worked with any other hosting company and I will not if RackForce is around. Why leave something as good as this. You did a great job assisting our people on this project and all of our growing pains this last 3 years. All the best to the technical support team.

James Ray

Painless Money

RackForce is a amazing "Plug-in" to any company dealing with Web, it let you never worry about additional finance resources because dealing with RackForce means make painless money

Mounes Kayyali
Platinum Inc.


Rackforce has been a working partner with Trillium Internet since 2004. In that time the sales team has worked with us to find the best solutions, and when necessary the tech support team have been terrific. I would highly recommend Rackforce for all server needs.

Michael Castro - President

Uptime & Pricing Are Amazing

I have worked with quite a few hosts, none have compared to rackforce.

Rackforce is one of the quickest in assisting you it times of need that I have seen ... and the uptime is amazing!

The package price points are simply amazing for what you get, for a reasonable price you have really no bandwidth limits, no hidden fees, and simply the best customer service in the industry.

Ravi Brounstein

The Difference

The difference between hosting providers is not the machines they use, the bandwidth they offer - or even the pricing. It is in the quality of the support services they offer. When you are running a business with a hosting provider, you need support services that will keep you running 24*7. We have found that RackForce offers the most professional and capable support services available - helping us keep on online business up and running around the clock. Of course, their product is great too - but it is their great support and troubleshooting that makes us loyal RackForce customers.

Brian Davis
The SmartPM

Extremely Pleased With the Services and Support

As a full solution online agency we create visually stunning websites for clients and provide hosting services for these sites. A majority of these sites are for publicly traded companies where a site being offline is a critical matter. After being let down by several hosting companies and other managed data center solutions we found RackForce. RackForce has provided us with multiple, reliable servers in a stable, secure data center. Being able to use the Tivoli storage manager for automated backups on a Windows server and the use of the storage area network for automated Linux backups has proved to be a great, reliable backup solution. Pre-installed Plesk and cPanel control panels allow for quick deployment and advanced site management features. Support issues are answered in a very timely manner with excellent expertise behind the answers. We are extremely pleased with the services and support offered by RackForce and will continue expanding our hosting environment within the RackForce infrastructure.

Greg Stevens
Media Dog Productions