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Fast & There When You Need It!

I have been using Rack Force for a very long time. I did try putting my websites with other providers to save some money but in the end none of them could compare with the reliability you get here. I work with political campaigns and it is crucial that everything is online 24/7 or else there are lots of angry people. The RackForce network is always fast & there when you need it! If you are looking for a truly reliable no fuss host choose this company.

Austin McLaughlin
Brightest Designs

Help And Support Was Invaluable

I would like to thank all the support technicians who helped myself and my clients out so much in the past few days and in general throughout our service term with Rackforce. Their help and support was invaluable, and greatly rested the nerves of my clients. I will most definitely keep referring people to Rackforce for their server needs. Thank you!

Mark Diamond

The Difference

The difference between hosting providers is not the machines they use, the bandwidth they offer - or even the pricing. It is in the quality of the support services they offer. When you are running a business with a hosting provider, you need support services that will keep you running 24*7. We have found that RackForce offers the most professional and capable support services available - helping us keep on online business up and running around the clock. Of course, their product is great too - but it is their great support and troubleshooting that makes us loyal RackForce customers.

Brian Davis
The SmartPM

RackForce Rocks!

In one word, Rackforce "rocks". Their service is professional and excellent. I could say that Rackforce could be taken as a model by other hosting companies. I would recommend to companies who would like to have a stable online presence.

Arun Premsingh
Kenriche Technologies Private Limited

A Company That Cares

I have owned a DDS200 plan for a while. I am actually taking the time to write you a little something regarding your service and support. I have to say that in my IT career, I have rarely encountered companies that were as prompt, dedicated, and knowledgeable and understanding as RackForce was to me. I know a lot of things about PCs, Windows, web design, php and all, but when I came across a Linux platform I was a bit lost and inexperienced.

After lots of help from RackForce support, and tons of research, I feel that I can solve any problems I would encounter. Sometimes, a customer only need to be directed in the right direction and guided through a process by getting a bit of coaching and advices. Well, Rackforce did it for me, and I thought I would let people know.

I find it very refreshing to finally get a company that seems to care more about the human side than the green side ($), if you know what I mean. Sure, companies need money to survive and grow, but client fidelity is something that does not come easy, and RackForce shows it well by supporting their clients in a timely, caring and effective manner, whatever size they are.

I would like to personally thank every member of the Rackforce team for the help they gave me, and also for any help coming in the future.

It brings it all down to one thing for me.

My next dedicated server later this year will still be with RackForce and probably lots of other ones too, and that is the business ($) outcome that RackForce gets back from its customer by offering a quality service, a human touch and a dedicated team!

Thanks again, RF Team! Keep up the good work, and never lose this perspective of business. IT SIMPLY WORKS!

Martin Raymond

Very Impressed

I am very impressed with how quickly your team takes care of any problems. It is refreshing.

David R.

We Truly Depend On You.

We have worked with RackForce for more than six months now. The customer service team is quick and professional. We truly depend on you.

Ali Husayni -Search Engine Positioning Expert
Sinai Marketing

Great Tech Support

Thank You for the great tech support. Kudos! One of the very reasons I have been with Rackforce for a number of years.

Sherwood Ensey

First Rate Service

My compliments to your staff on providing a truly first rate service. It is refreshing to come across a company who puts such a high emphasis on providing reliability and customer satisfaction.

Steve Kelly

Painless Money

RackForce is a amazing "Plug-in" to any company dealing with Web, it let you never worry about additional finance resources because dealing with RackForce means make painless money

Mounes Kayyali
Platinum Inc.