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Truly A Great Webhost

RackForce hosting has been truly a great webhost. The speed and the uptime are very good, and if there is a problem the support staff responds very fast. If you looking for a place to host a website that you need up 24/7 choose RackForce. Even though I run a network of servers I keep my main site with them because if anything goes wrong on my side I know my company site is still online.

Austin McLaughlin

No Muss No Fuss

RackForce has proven to be a no muss, no fuss hosting provider. It works well, support is prompt and effective, and I can focus on the site itself. I highly recommend them.

Heinz Hemken

I Am So Pleased With My VPS

You guys should be called Rack ROCKS!!!!!!!, not RACK FORCE, I am so pleased with my VPS! I had tried 4 different companies and all were nightmares. Your servers are so stable, the monitoring system is great, the control interfaces are great, the support? What can I say? It is so refreshing because the people on the line (which do not take long to connect to) are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The best thing is that the cost is a small fraction of what I was paying before, and I receive many more add-ons and domains. Thanks!

Dennis Oppelt
Retreats Costa Rica

Help And Support Was Invaluable

I would like to thank all the support technicians who helped myself and my clients out so much in the past few days and in general throughout our service term with Rackforce. Their help and support was invaluable, and greatly rested the nerves of my clients. I will most definitely keep referring people to Rackforce for their server needs. Thank you!

Mark Diamond

Amazing Customer Support

When I went shopping for a new hosting provider a couple years ago, I had a specific shopping list of features I wanted and a target price point. RackForce.com was the only provider that managed to exceed my feature list at a price that was well within my budget. But it was after I had become a customer that I discovered how amazing their customer support is. I've opened a ticket on a saturday and had the issue resolved within minutes. I have not experiences support like this from any other company, anywhere.

Brady Moritz
The RFID Encyclopedia

Thanks to the Rackforce Technicians

I appreciate the speed and accuracy as well as security measures I have seen. I have not seen such to this degree of professionalism from MANY web hosting and services outfits spanning the entire continent. Your team of engineers approach perfection.

David A. Coulter

Great Tech Support

Thank You for the great tech support. Kudos! One of the very reasons I have been with Rackforce for a number of years.

Sherwood Ensey

Quick Support

When you get to the point where you wonder what support type will be quicker, ticket vs phone, it is because service speed was reinvented by RackForce.

Martin Raymond

Extremely Impressed

After years of running my own servers and doing my own hosting, I was pleased to find Rackforce. They handle all the messy stuff like the maintenance of the server, the internet connection and I get to spend all my time on the important stuff.

I am also extremely impressed with the excellent server I have received on behalf of all the staff at RackForce. I have left doing hosting on my own and plan on staying with RackForce for a good while.

Thanks RackForce!

John Wry


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing not to complain, but to praise one of your employees. Joel M. has many times gone above and beyond in his support of my account. He has answered the idiotic questions and completed the most difficult tasks. I believe that if it was not for him my company would not be doing as well as it is, and I would not have as many happy customers.

I was hosting through three different companies before finally coming to Rack Force. The customer service here is the best around. That is the reason I am here, and will continue to stay here. People like Joel make my life as a middle man between my customers and my server a lot easier.

Again I would just like to commend Joel for his expertise, knowledge, patience and support.

Craig Fredrychowski