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Colocation - Overview


RackForce provides Colocation Services from our strategically located 'GigaCenter' in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The region is recognized as being among the best locations in North America for a data center. It offers seismic stability, temperate climate, low risk of natural events, abundant 'green' hydro power, abundant network bandwidth, easy transportation access and a low cost model.

Facility & Services

The GigaCenter is an advanced tier III configured facility supporting exceptionally high power/cooling densities - up to 25kW (rated) per IT equipment rack. The facility is designed to support a breadth of sizes and configurations, with space provided in increments from ½ rack through large, private 'Gigavaults'. A unique approach to providing colocation, GigaVaults are hard-walled enclosures providing segregated, secure space, customized for individual clients.

Power circuits are available with a choice of N+1 single path or 2(N+1) dual path delivery. Circuit sizes from 120V/20A through 208V/60A can be configured in any combination, customized for each individual rack.

On-site Eyes & Hands Services are available 7/24 to perform physical tasks on either a scheduled or emergency basis. This includes activities such as moving patch cables, replacing components and installing new devices.

The GigaCenter is a carrier neutral facility; services are available from a broad array of major communication service providers.


GigaCenter™ at-a-Glance

  • Lowest risk location in North America
  • 30,000 square feet facility
  • Single story concrete building
  • Capacity for 572 server cabinets
  • 10Gbps Network
  • Custom network solutions
  • 100% Network SLA
  • 2.4kW to 25kW per cabinet
  • N+1 & 2(N+1) power availability
  • Green Hydro power; 6MW available
  • Private GigaVaults & GigaRacks
  • Eyes & Hands and SAN Services
  • Type II SSAE 16 SOC 2 & CSAE 3416 certified

Green & Sustainable

The RackForce GigaCenter utilizes the most advanced design approaches, engineering and technologies, and leverages the natural advantages of the region.

Data centers in many areas are powered by coal-fired or natural gas electrical generation plants. These datacenters are responsible for tremendous amounts of CO2 as a bi-product of their power consumption. Tapping into British Columbia's abundant supply of clean hydroelectric power, the GigaCenter has a carbon footprint which is up to 50 times smaller than the average coal-powered North American datacenter.

Free Cooling
The regions' temperate climate can be leveraged over 200 days a year using 'free cooling' chillers. This supplements the GigaCenter's standard cooling systems and consumes far less power.

Closed Loop Chiller Systems
Traditional evaporative chiller systems waste tremendous amounts of municipal water through both evaporation and drainage loss. Since water is a valuable resource the GigaCenter uses 'closed loop' chiller systems, instead. This means we consume no municipal water for cooling, contributing to our Green IT focus.

Advanced Design and Engineering
A fundamental design principle of the GigaCenter is to deliver cooling only to areas with IT equipment load. Our advanced design using cold aisle containment, in-row cooling and modular construction dramatically reduces the requirement for air movement and its associated power usage. The cooling for each GigaVault is engineering to support the specific load within the vault, eliminating waste. Intelligent cooling, humidification and distribution controls enables precise management of all environmental elements, significantly reducing power use.