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Dedicated Hosting


With the ever-increasing adoption of virtualization and cloud, the need for dedicated (physical) servers is minimal today. However RackForce recognizes there's still use cases driving the need for a dedicated platform, usually driven by application requirements.

To address this requirement RackForce offers dedicated servers on a custom build basis. We work with the customer to define the server specifications, then deploy on new hardware. We offer this service for term contracts only.

Hybrid Solutions - occasionally on complex cloud solutions the majority of server instances are provisioned on virtual servers but one or more instances still requires a dedicated server. RackForce Dedicated Servers provide an effective, integrated, complimentary service to our cloud services. This is a unique advantage of the RackForce Services portfolio.

Dedicated servers are provided with the choice of three support options:

  • Basic (unmanaged);
  • Co-managed; and
  • Fully Managed