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Cloud Virtual Data Centers - Overview

Cloud Virtual Data Centers

Virtual Data Centers fundamentally simplify infrastructure provisioning. They virtualize all infrastructure elements - compute, networking, storage, and security - and deliver as a flexible, scalable, cost effective platform. With VDC, administrators can provision the complete set of services necessary to make workloads operational in minutes, plus integrate with other clouds in a hybrid model.

Cloud Virtual Data Center is a resource pool cloud product, providing clients with a pool of resources (vCPU, RAM and storage) from which they create and manage their own VMs using VMware vCloud Director. Clients can deploy services and consume resources on-demand through a web portal and programmatic interface. Virtual machines can be created and stored for deployment later as clones, dramatically accelerating delivery of services.

Virtual Data Centers provide many benefits, such as:

  • Enable Business Agility and IT Self-Service
  • Reduce or eliminate IT capital expenditures
  • Reduce IT operating expenditures
  • Maintain security and compliance
  • Extend the ROI of in-house cloud investments by enabling bursting into RackForce VDCs

VMware vCloud Powered

VMware-vCloud-Powered-Service-Badge-RackForce RackForce Cloud Services are VMware vCloud Powered, meaning they are delivered on the proven, secure, industry leading VMware vCloud suite. RackForce Virtual Data Center Services are built on the VMware vCloud architecture, and delivered with vSphere and vCloud Director. This enables you to import and export VM images based on the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) giving you access to the vCloud API to perform virtual machine operations or to integrate additional services.