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Cloud Backup - Security


Backing up your data to an offsite location is a critical step in protecting your valuable data. And RackForce understands your data must be fully secure and safely stored. RackForce Cloud Backup is delivered from datacenters located in secure Canadian locations and managed to high standards of security best practices. RackForce facilities and Services are third party audited annually under SSAE 16 SOC 2 standards. Read more...

Data Security

RackForce Cloud Backup uses a minimum of AES-128 encryption - data is transported and stored in encrypted form. Data is encrypted at the client, and can't be read without the encryption password which is known and managed only by the user. AES-256 and Blowfish-448 are also supported.

Network Security

Although data being transported is encrypted, RackForce Cloud Backup also utilizes SSL security at the network layer to further protect your data.

Access Control, Auditing and Logging

Access to the RFCB-x Backup Manager software and Management Console are protected with individual user name and password authentication. The Management Console has several user-level controlled access levels. Changes are logged to support effective security controls and meet audit requirements.