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RackForce launches new Virtual Data Center Service

High performance self-service Virtual Data Centers delivered on VMware vCloud platforms drive Business & IT Agility

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
April 24, 2013

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RackForce launches new Virtual Data Center Service 

High performance self-service Virtual Data Centers delivered on VMware vCloud platforms drive Business & IT Agility

Kelowna, B.C. – Hybrid Cloud and Hosting provider RackForce (www.rackforce.com) announced today it has launched a new version of it’s Virtual Data Center Services that provides higher performance, greater scalability and increased manageability. RackForce’s new Virtual Data Center vCloud-E, is delivered on the VMware vCloud suite and enables customers to create and operate their own virtual machines and services from a pool of allocated resources.

Virtual Data Centers greatly simplify infrastructure provisioning. Whereas Virtual Machines are virtual instances of compute only, Virtual Data Centers are logical constructs of all infrastructure resources – compute, storage, network and security.

RackForce Virtual Data Center (VDC) Services provide customers a pool of resources and VMware vCloud Director management access. This enables customers to deploy and operate Virtual Machines and services in a true self-service model. Services can be deployed from pre-built images, greatly speeding deployment, increasing quality and enforcing security policies. Resources assigned to VDCs can be easily increased, scaling to meet customer’s changing business needs. And since the infrastructure – facility, hardware, virtualization layer and connection to the Internet – are managed by RackForce, customers can focus on their applications and unique services.

RackForce VDCs provide significant benefits through portability of services. vCloud architecture supports open standards, such as the vCloud API and Open Virtualization Format (OVF), so administrators can migrate workloads between Virtual Data Centers. For example, encapsulated Virtual Machines can easily move between customer’s in-house Virtual Data Centers and RackForce VDCs. Or, customers can operate multiple RackForce VDCs, such as one for dev/test and one for production, and move Virtual Machines between them.          

The new Virtual Data Center vCloud-E can scale up to 48 vCPU and 512GB of RAM in a standard configuration, with greater scalability available in custom solutions. vCloud-E is delivered from RackForce hosting centers in Kelowna, B.C. and Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Customers running on RackForce’s previous Virtual Data Center products can migrate to vCloud-E at their convenience.

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RackForce is a leading provider of green Hybrid Cloud and Hosting Services from its strategically located facilities in Kelowna, Calgary, Barrie and Toronto, Canada. Through its superior datacenter design, automated systems, virtualization expertise and highly skilled team, RackForce provides advanced scalable colocation, cloud computing, server management, disaster recovery and network services to a worldwide customer base. For more information visit www.rackforce.com.

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