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Are you Evaluating Canadian Cloud?

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Why Geography is So Important to Cloud Providers

Data centre geographyMany providers in the cloud market are clamoring to capitalize on their “rock bottom pricing” when catching customers’ attention. But with all that noise regarding price, it’s more important than ever that customers really focus on how the provider’s offering will add value to their business and address over-arching goals. One key consideration? Geographical location.

Keeping Data in Canada

First thing’s first: what does Data Sovereignty mean, exactly? Data sovereignty is the notion that data and digital information is protected by the laws of the country it is physically stored in. For obvious reasons, this issue has become a hot topic for cloud providers and their customers, since businesses and people relying on cloud technology need assurance that their confidential data will stay that way.

How TeraGo & RackForce are Building a Stronger Canadian Cloud

Since its recent acquisition by Terago Networks, the RackForce cloud is accessible to more Canadian enterprise businesses than ever.

Why you should work with a CMSP Partner


The short answer? Accountability.

Don't Tangle Your IT in Phone Wires

Hosted communications frees you from your phone wiresWe all know what the right voice solution can do for a business. Enabling your employees to work remotely and virtually manage correspondence between internal teams and clients can boost the efficiency of your organization’s workflow.