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Why RackForce

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On the surface server hosting service providers might look similar. When considering a server and network partner you must look for:

Below we explain how RackForce provides this for our customers.

Green Commitment

RackForce doesn't just talk green it is green. Your server located at RackForce will have a carbon footprint 1/20th the size of that exact same server located at a typical competitor's data center. We're not kidding, we can prove it. Through its highly efficient data center design, the use of cool Canadian air for cooling, and renewable green hydro power, it has become the greenest in the business. See Dynamic Green IT for more on this.

Dynamic Datacenter Services

Today's datacenters have to be ready to scale for you on a moments notice. Whether it is adding more power to your rack, increasing resources to your server On Demand or boosting bandwidth, it has to happen when you need it. RackForce has been building its Dynamic Datacenter Model since 2003. Our company culture and systems all "think dynamic". We never forget that you plan to be successful. We are the dynamic datacenter company to support your growth.

Datacenter Design Leader

Most datacenters built before 2004 are obsolete for your requirements. The technology for today's high performance servers did not exist then. To be a RackForce Datacenter there is a long list of criteria that needs to be met. For example, our new datacenters have to be single story, with very high floor load capability, and support between 10 KVA and 30 KVA per rack (that's 5x more then today's standard). The internal network has to support the most advanced network technology available with lossless Ethernet and unified fabric. RackForce works with the same engineers that design Google, Microsoft and IBM datacenters and we add our own "hard won" expertise as well, because at the end of the day it takes a lot more than money to be a datacenter design leader.

Dynamic Support

RackForce customers have a wide variety of support requirements. Maybe you want to do it all yourself. Or maybe you want the peace of mind to know RackForce Fully Managed Support is watching your server 24/7. Either way the last thing you want is to pay for fanatical support when you don't need it. At RackForce we will provide you with exactly what you need when you need it.


RackForce is full of datacenter services experts. To do this business properly we must understand datacenter infrastructure, server hardware, cooling systems, power systems, and networks, inside and out. We have to have systems to oversee and guide our experts to solve issues long before they become problems. Our expertise becomes your strategic business advantage. We design our data centers from the ground up, using the best and most efficient technology available.

Infrastructure Ownership

A common misperception in the industry is that hosting service providers own their own infrastructure and servers. The reality is most rent or lease space and servers from datacenters through conglomerate partnerships. The downfall of this approach is they do not control critical systems and you are an additional step removed from your server if you need support. RackForce owns its own infrastructure including two secure data centers, IBM enterprise servers, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager enterprise backup systems, and IBM and NetApp Storage Area Networks (SAN). Rackforce also has redundant hydro electric substations, fiber optic connections with redundant network providers, redundant UPS for all servers, and private diesel generators for our UPS, servers, and HVAC. If you plan to be in Kelowna ask for a tour of your data center - RackForce welcomes our customers to visit our infrastructure.

Proven Track Record

We are a privately owned profitable company with the philosophy of doing things right the first time. Our thousands of customers originate from over a 100 countries around the world. We have setup over ten thousand servers in just about every configuration you can imagine. We've seen almost everything and we can solve the most perplexing problems in minutes. Our uptime stats are over 99.9% and we are a right sized company that is growing rapidly with an industry wide reputation for getting the job done. See our testimonials.

Future Proof

You choose your datacenter services company for a variety of reasons and one of the most important is its "intelligent roadmap" to the future. RackForce's leadership capitalizes on its many years from the software, Telco and ISP industries to make wise and informed decisions that will carry you into the future with confidence. While we move quickly to new technologies, our decisions are based on solid standards from solid and reputable companies, who have the right technology today and will be around tomorrow to support it.

Risk Reduction

The location of datacenters really matters. Operating a business means you, as a potential customer, should do due diligence on any place you plan to store the data critical to your business. This includes looking at the potential disruptions to service caused by hosting in hurricane, earthquake, and severe weather zones. Flooding and power outages are also ever present threats when choosing the wrong location.

Also companies must move critical IT infrastructure to low carbon datacenters in terms of disaster planning . We're not talking about traditional disaster planning but the probability of a climate disaster where governments order the immediate shut down of coal plants.

RackForce chose Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada for our primary data centers. Kelowna is in a stable mountain zone, away from earthquake, hurricane, tornado, and severe weather zones. This smaller city, with world class infrastructure, has one of the lowest risks, anywhere in the world, for natural disasters.

Commitment to getting Job done

The work atmosphere at RackForce is great. Everyone works hard, is treated fairly, and as a result we have low staff turnover. This is all because our team has the same common goal - to get the job done, properly, for you! Welcome to RackForce!