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Don't Tangle Your IT in Phone Wires

Hosted communications frees you from your phone wiresWe all know what the right voice solution can do for a business. Enabling your employees to work remotely and virtually manage correspondence between internal teams and clients can boost the efficiency of your organization’s workflow.

The 7 Tiers of Cloud Disaster Recovery

Even the most protected environments can fail under extraordinary circumstances. To prepare for those scenarios, it’s vital to put disaster recovery (DR) systems in place to fight the interruption or destruction of data. A business’s DR preparedness is classified as one of seven tiers. Do you know which one your business falls under?

7 Tiers of DR

Know Your Cloud IaaS: the Big Three

Cloud services are primarily deployed in three forms: public, private, and hybrid. These different models work best for different businesses, but for most enterprise companies relying on compute resources, hosting on the cloud is the way to go.

Enabling IT for Growth: Ditching the Assembly Line

Cloud automation and robotics both maximize business efficiencyMany enterprises are adopting cloud practices to keep up with the rest of the world, but others are still apprehensive about making changes. But what is there to be afraid of?

RackForce announced as VMware Cloud Partner of the Year

Canadian enterprise cloud provider RackForce Networks, Inc. has been recognized for its outstanding efforts to bring VMware based cloud to customers.

Kelowna, BC – March 12, 2015