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4 Strategies for Protecting Your Data

In 2014, 1 in 3 Canadian companies reported that they planned to move their data outside the U.S, and 96% of these cited data privacy and security as their top reason for doing so. When picking a cloud provider, there are factors you can look for to ensure your data will be safe in their hands. Check out these tips for choosing a well-protected data center right from the start:

Welcome to RackForce: Have We Met Yet?

Today there is more to RackForce than most realize.

All clouds have network. Ours runs on our own network.

Network Enabled Enterprise Cloud – there is a difference

Competitive approaches to cloud computing are somewhat narrow, focusing mostly on the compute and storage aspects of the cloud architecture stack. Often network is only referred to when discussing customer VLANs within the datacenter LAN or as public Internet connectivity to the cloud. However, enterprise cloud networking is a key component of the next phase of cloud ...

Data Storage - Service Provider Style

No this is not ‘gangnam style’; data storage is serious business.

IT technologies such as server and network virtualization have evolved so that we can consider them as cloud technologies today. However the big complexity and cornerstone of cloud, for a cloud service provider, is the storage. An ‘enterprise class’ of storage system simply doesn’t cut it, as these storage platforms are proprietary, expensive and do not easily scale.

Enterprise Cloud - Service First

If a cloud service provider is using the term ‘Enterprise Cloud’ they are referring to a higher level of performance and resiliency in their infrastructure offering; in my view this is table stakes. A customer putting a mission-critical workload on an Enterprise Cloud should expect a premium infrastructure because generally the prices paid by the customer would reflect that.